Friday, May 02, 2008

Things, Windows, Mac, Oh My!

A friend recently turned me on to the GTD/To Do List program called Things (, which I absolutely love for keeping track of the many projects that I tend to pursue at one time. However, Things is only available on the Mac, with iPhone and iPod Touch versions coming n June. Thus I am in another Mac-Windows quandary (see my longer blog on this issue).

Things is the kind of program that I like to carry in my pocket -- on my phone, to be precise. I need to replace my Windows Mobile Verizon XV6800, which Things would not work on anyway. I could switch to AT+T and get an iPhone when my current Verizon contract ends in October (5 months from now). I could just get an iPod Touch and a cheap Verizon phone that I currently have. Or I could try to find a cross-platform or web/cloud-based GTD instead of Things.

Trying to figure this out, I tried the web-based Nozbe, which I did not like at all, and Remember the Milk, which I really like as a Gmail addon. Remember the Milk can also be accessed offline using Google Gears and syncs with Windows Mobile and Blackberry.

So currently, I am using Remember the Milk for short term, today and tomorrow, things to do. I use Things for more long term projects. And I am not going to think about my phone quandary until I get back to the US this next month.

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